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The ‘Slippery Shoulder’ advice given by Job Centres and Outplacement Companies

I have had many phone calls over the last few weeks from my local Yellow Pages, from job seekers looking for work. Now I don't have a big spread in the directory, just a one line entry, so to be getting these calls is unusual. What is even more disturbing to me is why they […]

Who is actually helping the unemployed find a job?

Every single day in the media there is news of more redundancies – even the BBC have put a job loss tracker on their website - but have you ever taken a minute to think who is actually helping these people find a job. And when I mean helping them get back to work, I don’t […]

Facebook – the new career advice site!!

A recently launched YouGov research paper, showed that 62% of young people leaving full-time education haven’t decided on a career path. Unfortunately, I think the ‘real’ is actually higher than that!!  It also states that 62% of them turn to their peers and social networking sites such as Facebook for career advice!!!  (How long will […]