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Would you have the nerve to present this type of CV to an employer?

The last couple of years we have seen the 'humble CV' start to evolve. As technology and creativity joined forces, we now have a whole range of ways that you can display your experiences, from web pages, LinkedIn profiles, Social Business Cards, Video CV's (*shudder*), blogs and of course the traditional form of CV that […]

Social recruiting is here to stay, so should we be using candidate video interviewing more? (Multiple contributors to this post)

Last week, I decided to write a blog post on the use of video interviewing in the recruitment process. Rather than just give you my opinion (which you are going to get anyway!), I asked people on LinkedIn and Twitter what they thought – little did I realise the interest it would create!  Here are […]

Are video CV’s back on the agenda again? ……..I hope not!!

There seems to have been some movement again in the video CV circles, with candidates seemingly trying to differentiate themselves from the competition, by using video to do so. While I certainly don't blame them for that, in my opinion, this could actually cause more of a barrier to getting an interview than not using […]