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Are you reversing your social media back into your mainstream?

Whether we like it or not, we all are now very much part of the world of social media. But when it comes to reversing social media back into the mainstream, I just wonder how many of you are actually doing it? The reason I ask is two fold: First, a blog post I read […]

Have you experienced The Frustration Cycle

This is one of the most frustrating parts of being a recruiter – when a company tells you they want to recruit, but then tell you they haven’t the time to do it. Here is my interpretation of this annoyance – I have called it The Frustration Cycle!!   Anyone suffer the same?

Come on Orange, make these surveys meaningful…please!

There are surveys and then they are surveys! It must be the time of year for people stating the obvious, and seemingly wasting money doing so. Orange have released a study this week in Enterprise week, saying that small businesses lack the financial resources to attract talented people with high salary demands – thanks Orange […]

Come on REC you can do better than that

REC gives us all a lesson in stating the obvious!!  It is good to see the governing body of recruitment – REC – issuing a press release, promoting their new latest employment survey, but why make it so ‘old news’ and obvious?  Who are members of REC after all – recruitment agencies of course. Do […]