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Are recruiters REALLY just motivated by money?

Now this is an interesting question, isn't it? Over my long career in recruitment, I have met 100's and 100's of recruiters, and even then I can't give you a definate answer. I have had some truly prolific consultants work for me over the years, that have been motivated purely by money – sometime to […]

Funny Dilbert videos on Evil HR, Job interviews and employee downsizing

Post election we all need a little amusement, so here are a few of Dilbert classic short cartoons, with some (accurate, I think!) points being made with regards to HR, a job interview and employee downsizing strategy. Enjoy…. 1. Dilbert: Soul-O-Meter and Catbert, Evil H.R. Director video  2. Dilbert: Job Interview and Employee downsizing "strategy" […]

‘Fishy to the backbone’ or social communicator?

It is amazing what you pick up from centuries past, isn’t it? The title of the blog post refers to types of leaders – modern day management styles, if you like – and , of course they could still be applicable today, 200+ years on. I am reading an excellent book called In the Heart […]

Should work-life balance be replaced with a new word – ‘Weisure’?

Over the last week there has been much talk in the recruitment blogging community of work life balance, and what the reality actually is. Ever one to have an idea, Bill Boorman, started the whole thing off with a video he posted on You Tube, aptly titled 'The work life balance'. in which he believes […]

Innovative: Employee motivation inspired by a mule! (video)

There are gazillions of motivational speakers, tours, books etc but for me when you watch these people on video, it is where you really get to know whether they are actually inspiring or not. After all, some stuffy old fart of a college professor, trying to "tell you" how to motivate your staff is hardly […]

Three big staff motivation assumptions that don’t hold water

There is a subject that is sure to get companies talking and that is staff motivation. Judging by the popularity of my last – funny – post, showing  video of some "extreme" staff motivation, people are still intrigued by knowing how best to motivate their staff! Taking that into account, it probably isn't surprising that, […]