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A Social Media Recruiting Strategy Framework

A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in a Google+ Hangout on implementing social media recruiting strategies. It was a good session with Steve Ward from CloudNine and Louis Welcome from Colleague Software, where we covered the different ways companies can effectively implement innovative social media recruitment strategies. (The recorded show and additional Slideshare […]

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Three New Twitter Announcements That Will Greatly Help Recruiters

As social networks mature they start to understand more about how people use them, and they make changes accordingly. For example Facebook moved their Messaging platform to a completely new app – Messenger, and  Google+ did the same thing with their platform by creating a standalone app for their messaging platform – Hangouts. While Twitter […]

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How I Wrote My New Book – Social Media Recruitment

After fourteen months in the making, my latest project – my new book, Social Media Recruitment – is now published*. And if I say so myself it is a damn good book –ok, I am a little biased  I had the pleasure of taking delivery of some copies of the book this week, and I […]

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What To Do If Your Social Media Content Is Not Being Read

  What is the impact on your social media talent acquisition and engagement if no-one is reading the content that you are sharing on your chosen social media platforms? If you are either creating or curating the wrong types of content to an audience that isn’t interested, then you are in trouble if that is […]

target talent is no longer all on linkedin

Your Target Talent Is No Longer All On LinkedIn

The world of HR and recruitment seems based on many flawed assumptions , such as the perfect candidates actually exists; candidates don’t use social media, job boards are dead and (a big one for me) all the candidates you need to recruit are on LinkedIn. They are all of course poppycock, but all still talked […]

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Which Talent Demands Are Causing Cracks In HR Strategies?

Are HR leaders paying dearly for chasing the unicorns and purple squirrels of the talent world, or are the business leaders being unrealistic with their demands? Two examples over the last few weeks from large companies have left me with the feeling that there is still a huge problem with the perception of the value […]