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Good News! Don’t believe the Media – Recruitment isn’t dead !

Last year I asked for your assistance in a brief survey. It was obviously related to the credit crunch / recession / downturn (delete as appropriate!!) and how it was starting to effect companies recruitment strategies going forward.I was getting certain feedback from my clients with regards to recruitment, and whether they were putting everything […]

Now these results may surprise all you hardened online recruiters!

As part of a project to look at and examine the recruitment process for a large employer, we commissioned an external market research campaign based around employer brand. The survey was targeted at 1000 16-35 year olds in the UK, and was conducted by one of the UK market leaders in consumer research. One of […]

Voting time is here again……….

As you maybe aware, December means only one thing for recruitment bloggers (and no it is not the extra shots of Tequila at the bar) – it is the UK Recruiters, UK Recruitment Blog of 2008 competition. Of course I am not going to solicit you for your vote, but some would say I should! […]

What do you think are causing companies the most pain at the moment?

What are causing companies the most pain in regards to recruitment at the moment?   1. The current economic climate is making companies review their business strategies more closely. What would you describe as their worst 'pain points' with regards to recruiting, that need the most attention currently? (Please tick the three that most apply) Recruiting with […]