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The Day I Discovered A Recruitment Dominatrix [True story]

Image credit here I am going to share with you true story from a social recruiting workshop I did, that will undoubtedly make you smile, but also has potentially serious consequences for your employees. For reasons you will soon understand there will be no names mentioned here. As part of my consulting assignments with companies, […]


Are You Breaking Walter’s Rule With Your Social Media Marketing?

  Are you guilty of breaking Walter’s Rule, when sharing your content on social media? I think we have all been guilty of it sometimes – especially if we have not done our homework correctly and shared irrelevant content with the wrong audience. Walter’s Rule: Don’t share the same boring crap with me that everyone […]

You decide: Is this RPO recruitment video the best or worst you have ever seen?

  Now let's be fair, recruitment video's are not normally known for being too different are they? You know the stuff – here's our company, here's our people, here's what we can do for you – you have all seen them, so you know what I mean! I discovered this video a while ago and […]

LinkedIn is a social network, maybe a job board, but is it now a dating site as well?

Well, another year has flown by! So, what are the two of things that people do most in January (ignoring the obvious lose weight, get fit and not touching drink until February self-lies)?  If you believe the stats in the online world, two of the most common things people do post-Christmas is job seeking and […]

Is this the best new invention for 2013? A social media BS Detector!

  Today's post calls for a little bit of fun (but with a hint of seriousness!). With the advent of social media there has been an explosion of social words, anachronisms and technological phrases that only mean something to the few people that work in that sector. Correct me if I am wrong here! Here […]

What is the point of this Facebook recruitment advert image? #FAIL

Last Friday, this advert appeared in the usual stack of adverts while I was on Facebook. Aside from the fact that the targeting (on me) is a little off, what the hell is this Facebook advert about? Can you guess what they are promoting with 'bicep man' from the picture?  Maybe I am missing something […]