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A New Recruiting Platform That Has a 98% Candidate Email Open Rate

Every so often you see a new product that makes you go wow! In our industry you would think this happens a lot, especially with all the ‘new’ recruitment and HR  start-ups, apps and products seemingly being released every week, but it doesn’t. It appears that everyone is trying to fix similar issues – ATS’s, […]

What’s the difference between a consultant, interim, contractor, fixed-term contractor & freelancer?

Right…… starter for ten – in the good old University Challenge style – can you describe how each of the headline 'roles' differs – a contractor, an interim, a consultant, a fixed-term contract and a freelancer? Word of warning: this is not as easy as you first think! Anyone in the recruitment space or anyone […]

7 ways to differentiate your recruitment business with your clients

  Most people that read this blog will have experienced recruitment agencies professionally at some point in their career to date (as well as a healthy number of actual recruiters reading it!). You will have sat on either side of the recruitment fence, so I hope you appreciate where I am coming from here in […]

Is this an alternative to paying recruitment agency fees to recruit talent?

  Recruiting talented people is a HUGE challenge as we all know. Not only have you first got to identify and find these people, but you have also got to attract them to your company with an appealing proposition. This talent will no doubt be working already in a good role/good company, so it may […]

Talent warehouses, recruitment communities and chocolate talent pools

  Over the last month I have been doing a-l-o-t of writing. I had been commissioned to write a business report book looking at social media in recruitment and the reality of it in the workplace.As part of the process, there was obviously much reading and research.It surprised me at how much it takes over […]

Why good people sourcers are like pure gold dust [including a superb Prezzi]

  If you think you know anything about recruitment, could you tell me about the art of sourcing? I mean, do you actually know how (good) recruitment sourcers do their job to find all those great candidates that you (as the recruiter) could only dream of finding? I like to think that I have pretty […]