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Three New Twitter Announcements That Will Greatly Help Recruiters

As social networks mature they start to understand more about how people use them, and they make changes accordingly. For example Facebook moved their Messaging platform to a completely new app – Messenger, and  Google+ did the same thing with their platform by creating a standalone app for their messaging platform – Hangouts. While Twitter […]

twitter no longer an option for recruiters or hr

Twitter Is No Longer Optional For Recruiters And HR

There is a social media platform that every recruiter should be using – but they don’t, and I have no idea why. It is mainstream, super easy to use and is as mobile friendly as social networks go.  I am of course talking about the little blue bird, Twitter. I have been a huge fan […]


How To Create Candidate Personas To Recruit Talent

Do you know what you are actually recruiting for? I don’t just mean a job title and a company name. I mean, do you really understand what talent you are looking for, what it looks like and where they are most likely to be found? Over the last couple of months, I have had the pleasure […]

talent demmands affecting HR strategies

Which Talent Demands Are Causing Cracks In HR Strategies?

Are HR leaders paying dearly for chasing the unicorns and purple squirrels of the talent world, or are the business leaders being unrealistic with their demands? Two examples over the last few weeks from large companies have left me with the feeling that there is still a huge problem with the perception of the value […]

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What Recruitment Can Learn From Community Managers

Image source How often do you venture into other industries to learn and benefit from their knowledge and experiences? If you don’t you should try it sometime, as you will be surprised how much you can gain from trying it. I did this yesterday by paying to attend the FeverBee Sprint Europe Conference for Community […]

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How To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile For Recruitment and Talent Attraction #infographic

Over the last few weeks I have spent a fair amount of time helping corporate recruitment teams focus on improving their LinkedIn profiles. The objective was to ensure the recruiters get found in more relevant LinkedIn search results, and then have profiles that are appealing enough to generate a positive action by the reader. This […]