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How Do You Interact With Your Candidates and Clients Daily?

When was the last time you called a candidate on a land line? It is a simple question, here is another. What is the device that an average user picks up 1500 times a week to check? And finally. Which professional networking site we all use every day got 45 million unique visitors on these devices […]


Will It Be Innovation Or Tradition At #HRTechEurope this week?

  When I attend the big HR Tech Europe  conference this week in London, will I be seeing evolution, innovation or the same products as last year just wrapped up differently? At their event in Amsterdam last year, I thought there was a good balance of new(ish) products finally gaining traction in the traditional HR […]


How Santander Improved Their ATS Candidate Recruitment Experience

  Picture credit What is one of the biggest and hottest topics in recruitment at the moment? No, it isn’t mobile or social media (although they are a part of it), it is the ‘candidate experience’. (I would argue that the recruiter experience is also a very important (and under-considered) subject, but I shall leave […]

Social Recruiting Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

  Talking with clients over the last few weeks about social recruiting and trying to help them understand what it really means for their recruitment, I have created this simple image to help. Let me explain……. EVERYBODY still reads email – many opening them on their mobiles. SO MAKE SURE that you take advantage of […]

How many screens do you use for your recruitment?

When you read this graphic, think of your recruitment situation for a moment. What devices are your candidates using? (Google analytics will help you see what devices are being used to visit your website) What do you use during the course of the day – laptop, desktop and iPad maybe. And don't forget the mobile […]

Mobiles, Metronerds and Digital Footprints with Jobsite’s Fresh Thinkers

Earlier this week, I attended one of an ongoing series of events run by the Jobsite, called Fresh Thinkers. These are run several times a year and have two speakers that are recognised thought leaders in their field, sharing their ideas, thinking and opinion with an invite-only audience. The topic yesterday was mobile. This is a good […]