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The 30 Sales Interview Questions [Infographic]

  This is one of my most popular blog posts that I have now turned into an infographic. It is applicable to anyone in sales – especially recruiters (who sometimes forget they are in a sales role!). Can you answer all 30? Share it on Pinterest by clicking here >>   or on Twitter by clicking here […]

10 Types of Social Media User – Which One Are You? [Fun]

We all seem to have some form of 'addiction' to different types of social media don't we? Whether it is becoming the Mayor of everywhere on Foursquare, to constantly checking your smartphone for updates, to liking every picture with a furry animal in! I know you know someone like this – even if you won't […]

Interesting study of social media in the workplace in the UK & US

I came across this interesting graphic while catching up on my RSS reading from my holiday. It was a survey (link below)  of 300 managers and employees from companies across the US and the UK, looking at attitudes and views on social media in the workplace. Interestingly the employees of larger companies seems to appreciate […]

Is this the best social media graphic? (I think so)

Every so often there are graphics that are produced that really nail the concept of social media, capturing the essence of what it is all about in one eyecatching image. Well here is one such image below courtesy of Fast Company. It doesn't need any explanation – just have a good look.  A big thanks […]

An excellent graphic on the ROI of Social Media

The world is now seemingly full of infographics, with many of them being lazy attempts to display tenuous report statistics in a way to get attention. So when you see a good one that has some depth to the information, it is a refreshing change – especially when it is about the 'murky' world of […]

Is your HR Manager more Miss Marple or HR 2.0? [Fun infographic]

Is it always right to pick on HR, and make them the butt of jokes and mirth? Well, to be honest, yes on some occasions, because some of them should – quite frankly – be in a different career, like flower arranging or knitting needle design – male and female for that matter!! (Even those […]