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How GRB – a graduate recruitment site engages with graduates with social media?

There is loads of talk about graduates and how they use social media. Is Facebook, Twitter or even Google Plus their weapon of choice in social media land? If your business was dependant on it, then it becomes a pretty essential thing to find out. Today's post is a guest post from the guys down […]

How Milkround used social media to engage with generation Y graduates [guest post]

  Graduate recruitment has seen considerable change over the last few years, and was one of the big casualties of the recent recession, as companies cut budgets and hired less. To survive in this space companies have had to embrace change and be prepared to do things differently. Today's guest post is by Anne-Lise H. […]

Some interesting lessons learned from recruiting generation Z’ers

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Social Recruiting Conference in London (#SRCONF if you follow hashtags). It was all about big brands and their attempts at using social media for recruitment. That is apart from one presentation from Doug Fraley the Talent & Marketing Director of The Challenge Network. This was very different […]

Are you ready for these 10 Gen Y interview responses coming your way soon?

  I have been having a good few gen y conversations with clients recently, and when we got around to discussing their interview processes they had some strange stories. Well, it appears that the gen Y'ers are returning to character (pre-recession) and living up to the type of gen Y traits I have written about […]

If you thought Gen Y was bad enough, you haven’t seen anything yet!

  I thought you might be interested in reading a guest blog I have written for Brenda Burch Dumont's blog for the Canadian retail and hospitality recruitment industry. The blog is titled, " Is retail recruitment ready for the socially advanced generation Z'ers?" and is about the stark realisation of what lies ahead from a recruitment […]

Learn the secrets of Gen Y in the workplace with this FREE webinar

  If you are interested in the subject of GenY in the workplace, then you should put some time aside tomorrow afternoon, for a FREE webinar I am doing for Retail Choice at 3PM . I will be explaining the  key personality traits of Generation Y worker, the nuances of their generation and why they […]