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Recruiters: Why Are You Not Using Facebook Graph Search?

  Hands-up if you subscribe to the theory, ‘Facebook is rubbish for recruiting’. Well you won’t be the only one, the majority of recruiters I come across seem to adopt this approach to the world’s largest social network. For many (especially Europeans), it is ‘private’ and restricted to their friends and family, and they leave […]

Is it really LinkedIn we are seeing or a Facebook/GooglePlus/Twitter Mashup?

This week there has been two much improved (at last!) updates to the mobile sites of LinkedIn and Facebook. And we have seen some significant changes with LinkedIn over the last few weeks (I got the new @ Mentions yesterday!). This was a question I posed at a recent workshop, and one that I wanted […]

10 Reasons Why I UnFollow, UnFriend and Disconnect People From My Social Networks

Today was one of those mornings in my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds – massive duplication, lazy posting, jobs and people talking utter rubbish! Time to unleash the sabre……. and cut them out of my networks!  I have no obligation to have these people in my networks. I have connected, friended and followed them because I […]

Why Facebook Edgerank is so important to understand for Social Recruiting

The world of Google's Pagerank and Facebook's Edgerank is for many people, more akin to the the world of Harry Potter. They might have heard of it, they might know vaguely what it is, but they have no idea how it works! (Some people don't even know what it is.) They are both very important […]

Do recruiters use any other social networks apart from LinkedIn?

There is still much procrastination amongst recruiters with regards to social recruiting. When working with recruiters (both agency and corporate), there is alot of talk about different social networks, but ultimately little action………. ort is there? Maybe I am being a bit harsh? So just to test this out, I have created a poll on […]

5 Things that have caused me to remove people from my social networks recently

There are no rules in social media land, but there are some social media activities that are entering a new category – the ‘if you do that anymore, I will I unfriend / unfollow / unlike / unconnect you‘ category. This is gathering momentum with people, who are becoming more comfortable with knowing what they […]