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What To Do If Your Social Media Content Is Not Being Read

  What is the impact on your social media talent acquisition and engagement if no-one is reading the content that you are sharing on your chosen social media platforms? If you are either creating or curating the wrong types of content to an audience that isn’t interested, then you are in trouble if that is […]

talent demmands affecting HR strategies

Which Talent Demands Are Causing Cracks In HR Strategies?

Are HR leaders paying dearly for chasing the unicorns and purple squirrels of the talent world, or are the business leaders being unrealistic with their demands? Two examples over the last few weeks from large companies have left me with the feeling that there is still a huge problem with the perception of the value […]

See why candidates and your employees control your content, not you!

  Social media has changed the concept of content FOREVER! Not what the content is (although with Twitter that is debatable), but who creates it and more importantly how/where is is posted and by whom. Companies no longer control their brands – people perception of a brand and what they see/read – wherever that may […]

The 10 NEW Facebook Page changes that are good news for your company when recruiting

  After all that hard work you put into your Facebook page, creating Landing Pages, Marketing and Campaign Pages, to drive new visitors to 'Like' your Facebook page – Facebook comes along and kicks you in the proverbial n**s! If you are not already aware, last week Facebook announced that they are changing their Facebook […]

Would these employee benefits help keep you at a company?

We all know that as the market is fast picking up, the passive employees are slowly becoming 'un-passive' and seeing what else is out there in the job market. Coupled to this, there is the tranche of recruiters and organisations now actively targeting passive job seekers (social media has REALLY helped this). Companies (if they […]

Generation Y – Who, What, How

Today, I delivered a presentation to a room full of HR and Recruitment Directors from the Hotel industry, for the hosts, . The subject was generation Y in the workplace – their characteristics and how to engage them as employees. The hotel and leisure industry has a very high level of gen Y employees, […]