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Can social media bring employee referral schemes to life or are they dead already?

An area of recruiting staff that has been around for as long as recruitment itself, seems to be fighting hard to re-invigorate / re-invent / evolve ( <—– take your pick accordingly!) or even just get started for some companies.I am not talking about anything revolutionary here – it is the humble (yet so powerful) […]

The ultimate employee referral scheme!

There are some jobs out there that, for various reasons, are notoriously difficult to fill. My local governing body, West Sussex County Council (WSCC), have come up with recruitment scheme to tackle such a job, that I think is simple but I am sure will be very effective.They are using referral fee / finders fee […]

Top 20 Employee Referral Rewards Schemes

I was recently working with a client on their recruitment process, and one of the areas that they were keen to explore was around employee referral rewards / incentives. They knew what they were currently offering was minimal, and wanted to be able to offer a range of incentives to reward their staff for referring […]