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How To Create Candidate Personas To Recruit Talent

Do you know what you are actually recruiting for? I don’t just mean a job title and a company name. I mean, do you really understand what talent you are looking for, what it looks like and where they are most likely to be found? Over the last couple of months, I have had the pleasure […]

My BBC Film: How To Sell Your Skills Online

Last year I was asked by the BBC to make a short film for BBC WebWise – their website for sharing different advice online. The director wanted me to explain to viewers how social media can help people better present themselves, to aid their job searching online. With companies and recruiters now using sites like LinkedIn, […]

Candidates are not active or passive, they are PACTIVE

How many times have you heard the phrase 'Active and Passive candidates? Every week? No more like every day in the recruiting world!What the hell does it really mean anyway? LinkedIn have made the bold statement that they believe that only 21% of the people on their network are 'active' candidates, with this definition:  But […]

The Candidate and Company Recruitment Disconnect

     Only one word to add to this image on behalf of candidates and recruiters everywhere – FRUSTRATION! If you like reading this blog, then click on the orange RSS icon here and get the latest Sirona Says posts delivered to your RSS reader or your inbox the moment they come out.     […]

The 30 sales interview questions you need to be able to answer, if you are a salesperson

  Last week I posted a comprehensive list of interview questions. They proved to be popular, both with job seekers for interview help, and with recruiters and HR people for some interview question inspiration. So I have produced a couple of extra posts with some further questions – this one today is for sales interview […]

I bet you can’t answer all these!! Is this the most comprehensive list of interview questions you have seen?

I was going through one of my old websites yesterday, and I came across this extensive (if I say so myself) list of interview questions I had on the website. They are aimed at both companies looking for interview help, and for candidates looking for some help to get through interviews. So you reckon you […]