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Are You Still looking For The ‘Magic Bait’ To Attract Talent?

It is surprising what thoughts come to you while standing on a pier on the US Gulf Coast, watching people fishing! Unsurprisingly (for me anyway) they were work related, specifically talent sourcing and talent attraction related. Let me explain. First let me paint the picture. The image above is Naples Pier in the SouthWest of […]

The one BIG mistake that every company is making with their candidate recruitment

  There is so much written and spoken about social recruiting and social media for businesses, there is a danger of over complication of the essence of understanding what the whole experience should be. There is a phrase I use a lot when talking to clients about recruitment, social recruiting or using social media in […]

Generation Y – Who, What, How

Today, I delivered a presentation to a room full of HR and Recruitment Directors from the Hotel industry, for the hosts, . The subject was generation Y in the workplace – their characteristics and how to engage them as employees. The hotel and leisure industry has a very high level of gen Y employees, […]

What many in the recruitment sector fail to realise – job seekers are their lifeblood!

People will pay for the value THEY perceive NOT what you tell them it is Sounds like a bit of an obvious statement doesn't it? But just think about it for a moment. As a consumer (customer) do you buy the product you are interested in because you believe 100% in what the salesperson said […]

The social recruiting battlegrounds in 2010

The last decade has, in my opinion, seen one of the biggest seed changes the recruitment industry has seen for many years. While I am referring to social media, I also combine that with the evolution (it took it’s time but now has real momentum) that has  been online recruitment. The primary change is that […]

Innovation or Madness? New Recruitment company, Playfair and Noble, pay 50% of their fee to the successful candidate!

Do you ever get emails from companies looking to 'sell you' their company? Probably like you, I get a fair amount arriving in my inbox each week. So you could probably say that I am a little sceptical (too long in the recruitment world, I am afraid!!) So it was a really pleasant surprise to […]