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The 30 Sales Interview Questions [Infographic]

  This is one of my most popular blog posts that I have now turned into an infographic. It is applicable to anyone in sales – especially recruiters (who sometimes forget they are in a sales role!). Can you answer all 30? Share it on Pinterest by clicking here >>   or on Twitter by clicking here […]

You Reap What You Sow With Social Recruiting

I would love to share a conversation I had last week with you to really highlight this post, but confidentiality precludes me from embarrassing the (incredibly) shortsighted recruiter, who should actually be appearing on The Muppet Show instead! But I will explain that I was talking to this company about social recruiting and the <frustrating> […]

Social media content for recruitment is important now, not tomorrow

  If any of you are still thinking that social media content in recruitment is a waste of time then you obviously haven't heard of the changes that are happening on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter then! They are all moving to 'reward' good engagement on their platforms – and for good engagement you need good […]

So where are the 10 hottest job markets going to be in 2020?

The world of employment seems to be moving so fast at the moment, it is sometime hard to keep up. I think both Companies and Recruitment Organisations actually need a pair of crystal balls (so to speak!) to be able to keep up – one to help them understand what is happening in three months […]

How recruiters can find great content to share on social media (with UX / UI example)

When talking to recruiters – inhouse or agency side – about social recruiting, I always get asked about content. Where do I find it, what do I share and how do I share it. I have covered this previously, but I wanted to take it a stage further and show an example of how I […]

No middle ground here – you will either love or hate

  Have you had one of those WTF moments recently? In the social recruiting world, I experience them from time to time, but the one I am going to share with you now has got absolutely nothing to do with work. I am going slightly off-topic just for today, even though it has a lot […]