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The Social Recruiting Content Challenge [cartoon]

This cartoon sums up one of the major problems with social media in recruitment – content creation. Everyone is happy to talk about doing it, but not many actually want to do it! Own up, how many of you are nodding your head in agreement with the cartoon?  This is an area of social recruiting […]

Why not add a picture of your elevator pitch to your LinkedIn Profile?

One of the many things I like about writing this blog, is the way some of my posts drive conversation and subsequent actions. This is what happened earlier this week following the post I wrote about JobGrams last week. You may remember they are visual interpretations of company job vacancies – both pictures and videos. […]

Are JobGrams the next step in recruitment advertising for social recruiting?

  There is absolutely no excuse now to post a poor job advert, yet we see so many job adverts that are just plain boring and uninteresting to the job seekers (how many recruiters still just cut and post job secs, I wonder?). So when something comes along that grabs the job advertising concept by […]

What is the biggest mistake many companies in recruitment make?

What is the biggest mistake many companies involved in recruitment make?

What is the biggest mistake that I see every time (ok, nearly every time), I work with clients involved in the recruitment industry? The image above will give you a slightly big clue! There are many companies involved in recruitment – recruitment agencies, vendors and corporates – who are in the belief that social media […]

How to get the right Fans, Friends and Followers for your social recruiting

  When I was younger there was a well known brand of beer that had the strap line 'Follow The Bear' – any of you remember it? The beer was pretty average to be honest, but the marketing spin was excellent, so we ALL followed the bear down to the off-licences and bought it by […]

Saying thank you the social media way

  Over the course of the last 7 days I have had a week when a number of my recent blog posts have proved to be very popular on Twitter, with many people sharing them around via RT’s (ReTweets for the unitiated). Every time they get shared, a potential new audience opens up and of […]