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“What do we tweet, post, share, write and update then?” say Recruiters

  This week I have spent time talking to and training agency recruiters and corporate recruiters, and there was one issue that was the same in three teams of recruiters, and was it causing pain and frustration to both sets of recruiters No idea on what to say on the various social media channels - All the […]

Park the arrogance and ego and take another look at your candidate attraction

  Now, I am not going to get into arguments with the job boards, but my observations and feedback over the last few months working with recruitment teams (agency and in-house) is demonstration enough that changes in candidate attraction methods are needed. Every single recruitment team I have talked to have said EXACTLY the same […]

Are you just doing social or are you being social in your social recruiting?

  One of the biggest frustrations to me as a parent is when I am trying to get hold of one of my daughters on their mobile, and it rings out……. continuously. Eventually when I get hold of them they tell me why they didn't answer – their mobiles were on silent!! Sound familiar? When […]

How to take a step backwards to go forward with your social recruiting

Take a step backwards to go forward with your social recruiting

Everyone in recruitment is (seemingly) looking for the next big thing, new angle, new tool, new bit of software etc. to enable them to find more candidates easier, quicker and more cost effectively, so that they can make more money (agency side) or reduce costs (corporate side). I can even see you nodding your head […]

Is there really a UK North/South divide in LinkedIn/Facebook jobseeker use?

  Social recruiting (using social media in recruitment for the initiated) continues to gather momentum. Facebook this week announced their new (social) Graph Search, which looks like a real step forward for using Facebook for effective recruitment searching. But what about the people that matter for recruiters – the candidates. What are they thinking about […]

The Inbound Recruitment Marketing Workshops Are Live [Booking Now]

Image segment from this infographic on content marketing Last year I tested the waters with you regarding social media content workshops (for recruiters), and the interest I received was excellent. So as promised I have now gone ahead and the first two Inbound Recruitment Marketing (for recruiters) Workshops are now live (meaning you can book […]