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Recruiters: Are you negligent if you don’t have a large LinkedIn network?

I haven't been too contentious recently, (well, other than a recent conversation regarding a poor career site with a client), so I wanted to share a discussion that I have challenged several recruitment (agency) clients with recently. It usually provokes an interesting debate! Here goes. First some LinkedIn recruitment 'facts': 1. It is 'accepted' that […]

10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Brand

LinkedIn is an awesome social network for our industry as it offers us so much on so many levels. However to many it is still a bit of an enigma. It is ever changing, confusing, large (in terms of all the functions you can use), and definitely confusing to many people.For people like me who […]

Remember, LinkedIn is great but it isn’t the only recruitment option

  Something really interesting has come up three times in separate conversations over the last two weeks, that I believe will become more of a trend over the next 12 months. The subject matter was LinkedIn, Job Boards and Recruitment Agencies – let me explain. First I need to point out that the conversations I […]

What is the point of this Facebook recruitment advert image? #FAIL

Last Friday, this advert appeared in the usual stack of adverts while I was on Facebook. Aside from the fact that the targeting (on me) is a little off, what the hell is this Facebook advert about? Can you guess what they are promoting with 'bicep man' from the picture?  Maybe I am missing something […]

Having a social media account hacked is no fun, here is how to back them up

  We all live in the world of social media with our online data sitting right there in a big white fluffy cloud (ok not a real cloud). But what happens if you have a problem with it? Even more specifically, what happens if someone assumes your identity and takes over your account – changing […]

Congratulations to @VixJones for winning a copy of my Social Recruiting book

Earlier this week at the UK Recruiter Conference, after my presentation I held a draw for the participants for a copy of my book, Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies. I am pleased to say that  Vicky Jones(aka @VixJones on Twitter) – the Marketing Manager at Arrows Group, was the lucky winner. I hope you enjoy […]