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Which social networks do you share your content on? Here is where I share mine.

Every time the subject of social media in recruitment- aka social recruiting –  (and I mean EVERY time) starts to get discussed, when I am working with companies, the subject quickly turns to content. “Where do I get all the content I need, and what do I post to each social network?  “Should we post […]

Are you serious about recruiting the best candidates?

Yesterday I spent the day at #TruLondon, and met some great people as usual. With so many people sharing their ideas and experiences in recruitment around the world, I always come away with ideas, things to think about, new tools, and sometimes some thought provoking questions. I just want to share a few of the […]

10 Types of Social Media User – Which One Are You? [Fun]

We all seem to have some form of 'addiction' to different types of social media don't we? Whether it is becoming the Mayor of everywhere on Foursquare, to constantly checking your smartphone for updates, to liking every picture with a furry animal in! I know you know someone like this – even if you won't […]

Social Recruiting Is Mainstream: You Have The Tools Now Time To Use Them

Using social media for recruiting –  aka social recruiting – has now been around for a good few years. For many recruiters (though, not enough though in my opinion), the use of the different social media channels as part of their everyday recruiting has become second nature to them. For them it is no longer […]

10 Reasons Why I UnFollow, UnFriend and Disconnect People From My Social Networks

Today was one of those mornings in my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds – massive duplication, lazy posting, jobs and people talking utter rubbish! Time to unleash the sabre……. and cut them out of my networks! I have no obligation to have these people in my networks. I have connected, friended and followed them because I […]

People Sourcing – An Essential Part of a Recruitment Toolbox

Is finding people and information part of your day to day job? Social media has been a revelation for this, giving us access to information like never before. Social searching, however, comes with it's own problems – primarily the volume and variety of results AND the unstructured element of user generated content.  Search engines like […]