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How many screens do you use for your recruitment?

When you read this graphic, think of your recruitment situation for a moment. What devices are your candidates using? (Google analytics will help you see what devices are being used to visit your website) What do you use during the course of the day – laptop, desktop and iPad maybe. And don't forget the mobile […]

How I got my LinkedIn Profile to appear in more people’s LinkedIn searches

Over the last couple of weeks I wrote about improving your LinkedIn profile, making sure you have a 'does what it says on the tin" headline  and explaining the need to have 100% profile to be found more often in searches. It is all down to the content you put into your headlines, profiles, summaries […]

Who would be a Social Media Manager?

I have had the pleasure of chatting to several Social Media Managers this last week – let me assure you it is not an easy job! Not just because of the job, but because of the expectations of their own managers! Anyway, if you think you are considering this type of job, this graphic will […]

Want to maximise your LinkedIn search results? Become a LinkedIn Ghostbuster

Did you know every time that you do a search for people on LinkedIn, there are many more people that could be suitable for your search, but you just won’t find them. Ever. There are probably some really awesome candidates in there as well! These are the Linkedin Ghosts – candidates you think are there […]

Is this the best social media graphic? (I think so)

Every so often there are graphics that are produced that really nail the concept of social media, capturing the essence of what it is all about in one eyecatching image. Well here is one such image below courtesy of Fast Company. It doesn't need any explanation – just have a good look.  A big thanks […]