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Does your LinkedIn headline ‘do what it says on the tin’?

Why do people make it so damn hard for themselves in the online (social) world of recruitment? After my last post on LinkedIn that explained why your LinkedIn profile doesn't appear in people's LinkedIn searches, I just want to add ONE more CRITICAL simple piece of LinkedIn advice. But first – do you know what […]

This is why your LinkedIn profile is NOT showing up in people’s LinkedIn searches

Have you wondered why you are not getting as many enquiries/invites via LinkedIn recently? Did you know that LinkedIn tweaked their internal search algorithm a little while ago, to make certain LinkedIn profiles appear higher in searches than others? Some of you will have benefited from these changes, whereas many will have slipped down the search […]

The 7 Twitter Tools I use every week. What do you use?

  After my last Twitter post  - 10 ways to use Twitter more effectively for social recruiting – I have had a number of people ask me what tools/products and platforms I use for Twitter, and which ones I would recommend. The truth is that there are many 3rd party applications for Twitter that are […]

Is this the reality of how you get a promotion at work? [Cartoon]

When I saw this yesterday – I just had to smile…….. and of course share it with you! Obviously folks, this is only a joke – or is it?    We work with recruitment agencies and corporates to help them with recruitment strategy, recruitment process and social recruiting. If you require guidance, advice or social […]

101 Types of Content To Share On Your Social Recruiting Networks

  There is one question I get asked EVERY time when helping clients set up and implement their social recruiting strategies. The question is about content…… "We have a blog, a Facebook Page, a Google Plus Page, a LinkedIn Company Page, a YouTube Channel, LinkedIn Group Content and a newsletter. We haven't got time to […]

10 Ways to Use Twitter More Effectively for Social Recruiting

Having a successful Twitter strategy is essential to making your social recruiting a success. People will tell you it is easy to get loads of followers. Well it is if you just want followers. But if you want real followers with a real interest in your sector/industry and maybe a real interest in what you […]