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The Social Recruiting Iceberg

  Why do people still think social recruiting is just about having a Facebook page………. and then saying 'No' because they don't like the idea of Facebook for their company? Worse still, they continue to block access to Facebook and social media in the workplace!! (Have you not heard of smart phones?!] Social recruiting is […]

The 7 Types of Social Sharer – which one are you?

  [clicking on the image will expand the graphic] Social recruiting and social media is all about sharing content across the different platforms. But did you know there are different types of 'sharers' of social media? Beyond, a Digital Agency, have determined that there are seven types of sharers. Then taking their research a little […]

Why Facebook Edgerank is so important to understand for Social Recruiting

The world of Google's Pagerank and Facebook's Edgerank is for many people, more akin to the the world of Harry Potter. They might have heard of it, they might know vaguely what it is, but they have no idea how it works! (Some people don't even know what it is.) They are both very important […]

How to easily find your LinkedIn Connections on Twitter

  Last night I was asked a question regarding LinkedIn connections and Twitter, which I responded to (I hope you found it easy Mark?) via two tweets. I thought I would elaborate further in a post as I am sure there will be others looking to do the same. The question from Mark was: "How […]

A really good FREE browser plugin specifically for recruiting IT / Tech people from TalentBin.

I love it when something so simple can be so useful in the recruiting space. Last year I wrote about a recruiting product with  a stupid name (only in the non-US interpretation I might add), that has developed into a successful social recruiting platform. TalentBin is a great tool if you are recruiting in the […]

How GRB – a graduate recruitment site engages with graduates with social media?

There is loads of talk about graduates and how they use social media. Is Facebook, Twitter or even Google Plus their weapon of choice in social media land? If your business was dependant on it, then it becomes a pretty essential thing to find out. Today's post is a guest post from the guys down […]