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Is this what you would find in a headhunters talent pool?

  Picture credit – Terrie Yeatts Today, the image says it all! I saw this image today while doing some research on talent pools!! Apologies if it too visual for some, but it certainly made me smile, with regards to the creativity and black humour!   If you like reading this blog, then click on […]

When was the last time you REALLY did pay it forward?

When was the last time you really payed it forward? I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y did pay it forward – not lip service or kidding yourself you were doing something useful, but genuinely helping someone. We all now live in a social world where sharing is 'supposed' to be in our new social DNA. There are retweet […]

Are you ready for these 10 Gen Y interview responses coming your way soon?

  I have been having a good few gen y conversations with clients recently, and when we got around to discussing their interview processes they had some strange stories. Well, it appears that the gen Y'ers are returning to character (pre-recession) and living up to the type of gen Y traits I have written about […]

Three ways to use Facebook Fan Pages for Social Recruiting (but do they work?)

  Image credit  AllFacebook Over the last few weeks I have spoken to a good few people that are using Facebook for social recruiting, and as I expected, they all have different ways of approaching recruitment via their Facebook pages. Some amazed me, others bored me! But have they got it right? Well, the whole […]

How to present Social Media ROI using 1970’s Television [Brilliant!]

    Let's be honest, who is fed up with the continual talk about social media ROI? [My hand is in the air! > is yours?]So when I saw something that discusses this subject matter in clever, funny and different way, I have to say it got my attention It is from Olivier Blanchard, the […]

All job boards and recruitment agencies will die, except the huge and the niche.[Prediction]

  Fancy dusting off your crystal balls? Or do you just want to be downright confrontational ( let's save that for Peter Gold eh?) Maybe you actually believe you have some industry insight? Why? Well, last week Bruce Morton the CMO for Allegis Group Services made me aware of a project he is doing on […]