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Has social media killed word of mouth recruitment (WOMR)?

  What is THE best form of endorsement in recruitment? Is it a testimonial on your website (good obviously), a LinkedIn recommendation (again good) or is it something a lot simpler? For me it is something that has been around forever in our industry. Before the form of social referrals we see now (click and […]

Use LinkedIn Maps to see what YOUR LinkedIn network ACTUALLY looks like.

  I am sure people think that LinkedIn is a boring business network that doesn't innovate much. Well, you couldn't be further from the truth! They are continually looking to add rich functionality to their platform, and they have again delivered something really interesting and visual here. You have a LinkedIn network, right? (If not, […]

How To Use Social Recruiting To Effectively Boost ROI [slides]

  Yesterday I have the pleasure of speaking at the inaugural SMART – Social Media For Business conference. It was a good event and had both a great range of speakers and a very diverse audience, from all parts of the business world. So a big well done to Incisive Media for putting on  the […]

New for 2011 for you to get involved with – Social Recruiting Corner

  New for 2011 is something I have been thinking about for a little while. As you know I am happy to share my recruitment knowledge, trick tips and social recruiting skills with everyone on this blog. I often get emails and messages to help people with various social recruiting issues, which I happily do […]

Six things that will impact the workplace in 2011

This week I read one of those sort of 2011 prediction posts, but this one is a little different. The title is '100 Things To Watch for 2011' (copy at bottom of post) from Penn Olsen and it is in the form of a Slideshare presentation. It covers everything from work to bamboo to toilet […]

10 ways to integrate social recruiting into your existing recruitment marketing for 2011

    Well, 2011 is arrived and maybe, just maybe, it will be the year that recruitment departments, large and small, will finally understand the power of using social media in their recruitment strategy. I hope by now that you will at least have set up your Twitter account(s) and maybe even a Facebook page […]