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How to get started with Facebook Pages for your social recruiting strategy

  We all know the scale of Facebook by now – 550 million people on Facebook growing at millions every week – but ARE YOU taking steps to make the most of it in your business? Have you realised you are going to need a social recruiting strategy very soon? Don't for even one second […]

Increasing recruitment agency costs are your own fault!

When was the last time you actually checked the candidate user experience on your career site? When did you last do a test application? Go on – go and do one today.. I would like to bet you will be shocked how poor the experience is. Now sit back and think of all those good […]

The Beginners Guide To Twitter Video

Over the last few weeks, when speaking at a number of social media conferences, there has been a common question amongst the social media virgins, "What is Twitter?" So I thought I would put together a short video explaining; 'What Twitter is', 'What Twitter looks like' and 'How exactly you get started with Twitter'. I […]

How to use Foursquare as a candidate sourcing and social recruiting tool

    When companies develop new social media products, services and applications, do you think it ever occurs to them that they are indirectly helping recruiters out?  Probably not, and quite frankly, I am pleased. Maybe it is the mind of the recruiter that is the problem (now you're talking!) – with the way we […]

The Why and How of Social Recruiting for Recruiters (Presentation)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of delivering a presentation on the subject of social recruiting to 110 members of The FIRM – The Forum of In-house Recruitment Managers.As promised to the attendees here is a copy of the presentation slides from yesterday: The Why and How of Social Recruiting for Recruiters View more presentations from […]

Are Job Boards trying to kill off social recruiting?

Social recruiting is gaining momentum ……and fast! With the technology available for everyone to get involved anywhere, it has become accepted that recruiting via social channels like Facebook and Twitter etc, will soon become the norm. Companies are quickly coming around to it, candidates are already there and recruitment agencies are slowly getting the fact […]