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So, why do you like using social networks?

So why do you like using social networks like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? Is it for work, a recruiting tool, social recruiting or just staying in contact with friends and colleagues? Someone asked me that the other day, so I thought I would share my answers with you. It would be great to hear your […]

What many in the recruitment sector fail to realise – job seekers are their lifeblood!

People will pay for the value THEY perceive NOT what you tell them it is Sounds like a bit of an obvious statement doesn't it? But just think about it for a moment. As a consumer (customer) do you buy the product you are interested in because you believe 100% in what the salesperson said […]

The Social Recruiting Road (cartoon)

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Is this the ultimate talent acquisition strategy?

We all know the world of sports is a rule to itself when it comes to employment law and contracts. Today I want to ask your opinion on what I see as a very worrying trend at one Football Club, that is either unethical, unfair or just good business sense in the world of talent […]

Has social media saved generation Y in the workplace?

  Two years ago they were going to be the salvation of the global workforce, weren't they? Do you remember all the interest generation Y created? Everyone was clamouring to get their hands on them! Companies were looking to change their long standing recruitment policies, workforce management strategies and career management paths etc…..just to satisfy […]

Who should you involve in your social recruiting strategy?

When looking at using social media in your recruitment – aka social recruiting – you need to understand that the whole concept of social media – engagement, communication, transparency, immediacy and brand are all incorporated within your thinking. For that reason it is always advisable to get the 'buy-in' or (at least) acceptance from colleagues […]