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National Graduate Development Programme Winning Video

At this years Recruitment Advertising Awards – The RAD's, held recently at the Grosvenor Hotel, the winning entry was an excellent video (below) highlighting the NDGP – The National Graduate Development Programme. It was produced by Work Communications, and the judges selected it as the winner because it, "simply, but powerfully shared a snapshot of […]

Should you put your photo on your CV?

This is a topic that does cause heated discussions between job seekers, recruiters and hiring companies, because they all believe they know the answer! Well,  the truth is that there is no definitive answer, it is just opinion!It is interesting though where the opinion sits.  - Job seekers often (and more frequently now) put their […]

This Morning TV show (hosted by @schofe), not treating job seekers with respect on TV

  A post inspired by an argument over an article on This Morning!! I would like to add, that I don't watch the programme that is hosted by one of the current 'Twitter Celeb's' @schofe (Phillip Schofield), but my wife does, hence the discussion and ensuing argument! Yesterday they had an expert on the programme […]

Fixed Fee Recruitment RPO providers – shouldn’t they actually be called recruiting FARM’s?

  As part of a large recruitment audit I am currently working on, I have had cause to look at the fixed fee recruitment providers, such as Webrecruit, Networx, Net-Recruit, Websearch and EasyWebRecruitment. The first thing to try and do was to understand what they are actually called and what they do. They are not […]

So how do you get 12,000 followers on Twitter?

Someone asked me today, how is it possible to get so many followers on Twitter? In all honesty, it does seem one hell of a task!! But with recent stats that have come out showing how much it is growing in the UK, it may be easier than you think! I came across this video […]

What type of generation Y’er are you?

I thought a bit of Friday fun might be in order…….So, which one are you? And if you are not aged 13-27 and qualify to fit into the gen Y group, then maybe you know a gen Y'er that fits one of the above!!