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Christmas crowdsourcing time please:) Can you provide me with just one idea, for the ultimate (fun) Christmas Gift List for HR and Recruiters?

For the last two years I have written two christmas posts that have been very popular with all of you. The posts were of a similar title; The Top 10 Christmas Gifts for a Recruiter. (Check out the Top 10 for 2007 as well). I can of course come up with my own gadget laden […]

Which is the Best UK Recruitment Blog of 2009?

Well it is that time of year again – it is the voting for the Best UK Recruitment Blog of 2009. Louise from UK Recruiter, who champions UK recruitment blogs (thanks Louise) has again put the decision out there to you, the blog reading folk, for you to decide, who you think has produced the […]

Should Companies use more or less recruitment agencies in a recession?

As we all know, the world has fallen apart, no one is hiring and the recruitment market is in total freefall, never to be seen again!  Well that is what the media would have us believe anyway!! But the truth is really not as bad as it sounds. Companies ARE STILL recruiting and skill shortages […]

IS this THE BEST job in the World? I dare you to argue!!

With all the doom and gloom around, I was amazed to see this fantastic job being that is currently being advertised on an aptly named website called Let me give you some of the details, and just see if you disagree with me, that this is THE BEST job in the world! Tourism Queensland […]

My Top 10 Tips for Job Seeking Generation Y Graduates

There is no question that 2010 is going to be a very tough year for many generation Y graduates in the employment market. There has been a sustained expansion in encouraging students to attend universities and prolong their education, and this is something that the Government are committed to continue. Many of 2009's entry level […]

Does Your Business need a Recruitment Pinch Hitter now?

I am sure that many of you are not fans of Baseball, so first let me explain what a pinch hitter actually is: They are simply defined as a substitute for another person, especially in an emergency or a moment of need.  This expression comes from baseball, where it is used for a player substituting […]