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At Sirona Consulting, we specialise in recruitment. We help and advise companies struggling to recruit talent effectively to leverage social media and different technologies to improve their recruitment strategy and recruitment process.

Recruitment Strategy Recruitment Strategy

Without the right talent companies cannot deliver on their business objectives and keep their shareholders and customers happy.
We help you re-align your recruitment strategy to deliver the talent your company needs both now and in the future.

Social Recruiting Social Recruiting

Competition for the best talent is the highest it has been for many years, and is only going to get worse.
We guide you through the process of successfully integrating social media into your recruitment strategy to reach new audiences.

Recruitment Process Recruitment Process

Recruitment systems, technologies and processes have been forgotten, neglected or are no longer fit for purpose.
Our knowledge in recruitment process and technologies allow us to help you find improvements, efficiencies and time savings.

Our Team

  • andy-photo

    Andy works with companies to help them improve their recruitment strategies, recruitment processes, social media recruitment and technology adoption. By leveraging social media / social networks he creates and delivers direct sourcing, candidate attraction, employer branding and content marketing projects.
    He is an award winning blogger (click on the blog link at the top of the page), an international conference speaker and is currently writing his second book, Social Media Recruitment, due for publishing in early 2015.

  • sara-photo

    Sara is an accomplished photographer and social media practitioner, and is regularly seen at social recruiting events putting her lens where others only dare to go! Sara is also actively involved in the implementation and management of the social media projects for Sirona Consulting.

  • TeamPurple310x310
    Industry Experts

    As a niche consultancy, we scale projects and provide specialist skills (outside our expertise)  by using fellow independent professionals. They are all experts in their fields and technologies, and therefore add tremendous value to any projects we undertake for our clients. We work closely with proven fellow consultants we know in areas like Recruitment Technology, […]

  • What Range Of Social Media Tools Do You Use? Here Is My Toolbox

    social media toolbox

    How do you find the time to do what you do? That is the question I regularly get asked when working with companies, when they know I write content, share content, manage some client accounts and do all my consulting work and manage to fit it in a working week (well nearly!). If you then […]

  • What To Do If Your Social Media Content Is Not Being Read

    curate curate and share content

      What is the impact on your social media talent acquisition and engagement if no-one is reading the content that you are sharing on your chosen social media platforms? If you are either creating or curating the wrong types of content to an audience that isn’t interested, then you are in trouble if that is […]

  • Your Target Talent Is No Longer All On LinkedIn

    target talent is no longer all on linkedin

    The world of HR and recruitment seems based on many flawed assumptions , such as the perfect candidates actually exists; candidates don’t use social media, job boards are dead and (a big one for me) all the candidates you need to recruit are on LinkedIn. They are all of course poppycock, but all still talked […]

  • Which Talent Demands Are Causing Cracks In HR Strategies?

    talent demmands affecting HR strategies

    Are HR leaders paying dearly for chasing the unicorns and purple squirrels of the talent world, or are the business leaders being unrealistic with their demands? Two examples over the last few weeks from large companies have left me with the feeling that there is still a huge problem with the perception of the value […]